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The Broadway Streetscape Master Plan is a comprehensive reconfiguration of Broadway between 2nd Street and 11th Street in Downtown Los Angeles. The plan focuses on streetscape improvements along the corridor to expand transit options and enhance the pedestrian realm. The Los Angeles Department of Transportation, in conjunction with other City departments and the Bringing Back Broadway Initiative are currently coordinating implementing the plan.

The plan will be implemented in two phases over the course of several years. Phase I, the ‘Dress Rehearsal’ includes the application of low-cost, semi-permanent streetscape fixtures to reconfigure traffic movement along the corridor. Phase II will build on the template of the ‘Dress Rehearsal,’ making permanent and more capital intensive improvements to the Broadway corridor.

Parklet Studies has been working with the LADOT People St Program since October 2012 to formalize a project evaluation methodology for future Parklets, Plazas, and other interventions. The first major application of this research design and methodology was on Broadway. In order to gauge improvements in safety and changes in user behavior as a result of the ‘Dress Rehearsal’, pre and post-installation Public Life Surveys on Broadway will capture data in the following categories identified by Parklet Studies:

• Pedestrian and Cyclist Volumes
• User Behaviors and Activity
• Pedestrian User Satisfaction
• Pedestrian and Cyclist Safety
• Physical Assets Inventory
• Effects on Performance of Ground-Floor Retail

The first Public Life Survey was conducted in 2014. NDS partnered on fieldwork, data collection, and data entry. ALTA Planning Design is leading data analysis and will be co-authoring an existing conditions report with Parklet Studies.